Environment & Ethics
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With feeling for people and environment …

For us at Swegmark of Sweden it’s all about long-term thinking, to bring the present into the future and doing so in the best possible way.

Our goal is therefore to prevent all negative effects on the environment and to make sure all of us who work within the process can do so under good working conditions and secure circumstances. To always look for the best alternative in the choice of materials, environmental purposes on the whole, chemicals and energy makes new thinking a natural part of our work and actions within our own production and in cooperation with suppliers and customers.

By purchasing our materials in Europe transports will be shorter to our factory in Latvia and further on to our central warehouse in Borås, Sweden, with the finished products. To cherish the environment and ethics along the whole production chain gives us the opportunity to continue improving our work with what is very important to us – people and a sustainable environment …

Environment - Swegmark of Sweden  Environment - Swegmark of Sweden  Environment - Swegmark of Sweden

Steps along the way

We have three corner stones on which we base our sustainability work and which we continually develop and act to fulfil.


1. Our Quality work

ISO 9001 – quality certification

Swegmark of Sweden is the first underwear company in Europe to be quality certified in accordance to ISO 9001 (1998). That means we work towards validity in our internal work, in relation to customers, delivered products and services. We are dedicated to systematically improving our quality and to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Quality policy 2012-09-11

Swegmark of Sweden shall in all respects be a quality company. This means:

- that quality work has the management’s highest priority
- that we will surpass our customer’s expectations regarding the quality of our products and the service we are offering
- that we continually strive to improve our processes and our service to the customers
- that we have active quality work
- that with internal customer/supplier thinking we will have a smooth and fast working organisation
- that to our internal and external customers we will be a reliable and professional partner
- that by a wide margin we meet laws and regulations

Our purpose with the quality work is to strive towards measurable goals and receive:

- satisfied customers
- satisfied employees
- satisfied owners

The quality work within the company is everybody’s concern.

Production Swegmark of Sweden    Production Swegmark of Sweden

2. Our environmental work

All our daily decisions regarding our business and products aim at making the best possible choice for the environment and for a sustainable development.

Locally produced

An important part of our total environmental work is the choice we made to keep all manufacturing within Europe. Everything in our product chain is happening near us with short transports from our factory in Latvia to our central warehouse in Borås, Sweden, and further on to our customers in Europe.

Post Nord

ISO 14001 – environment certification

Swegmark of Sweden is the first company in the underwear business to be environmentally certified in accordance to ISO 14001 (1998). This certification helps us to secure a more efficient use of materials, energy and waste handling for minimal influence on the environment. Everybody within the company is committed to the environmental work, progressing systematically and documenting our environmental improvements.

Oeko-tex Standard 100® (2005)

This is an independent testing and certifying system for raw-, intermediary and finished products. These tests are making sure there will be no harmful substances and comprise:

- Substances forbidden according to law
- Substances adjusted according to law
- Commonly known hazardous substances (except chemicals adjusted according to law)
- Parameters for preventive health care


On the whole these demands are stricter than existing national legislation. Read more at: www.oeko-tex.com

Organic cotton

Organic cotton means a cotton fibre that has been grown according to the principles and rules of organic agriculture. Farmers use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Organic fertilizers such as compost and plant based pest management products are used. Read more at: www.organiccotton.org

Organic cotton

Environmental policy 2014-10-01

Swegmark of Sweden is since 1998 environmentally certified in accordance to ISO 14001 and since 2005 oeko-tex certified, which means we only use components that are approved in accordance to oeko-tex Standard 100®.

We take full responsibility for environment and social conditions for our employees.

We shall work to increase the proportion of sales of products, which are kinder to the environment, like organic cotton.

Swegmark of Sweden will always strive for the best environmental choice. We work for a minimal effect on the environment and will as producers accept full responsibility in cooperation with customers and suppliers. All employees within the company shall have a good working environment with as few hazards as possible.

We shall follow laws and regulations and keep improving conditions in the environmental area. Our goal is to prevent all negative effects on the environment.

All employees within the company know about this policy, which is available to the public.

3. Our ethical work

We strive for good ethical values both internally and externally, so that all within the production chain have good ethical conditions and work to provide a friendly treatment of colleagues, suppliers and customers.

Fairtrade Cotton

Buying Fairtrade certified cotton enables the producers that grow it to have fair prices and decent working conditions. A proportion of the purchasing price is invested by farmers in social, environmental and economic development projects. www.info.fairtrade.net

Fairtrade cotton       Fairtrade cotton