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Processing of personal data

The following describes how Swegmark processes personal data.
By registering and placing an order with us, you consent to us retaining and processing your personal data in order to fulfil our obligations to you and provide the service you can expect from us.
Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. The type of personal data collected by Swegmark depends on which services you make use of. In registering with us and placing an order with us, you are asked to state your name, address, e-mail, mobile phone number (and, in some countries your national identity number). When you access Swegmark’s website, Swegmark collects general information concerning your visit, such as which web browser and operating system you are using, and the IP address of the device you access the internet from; however under law, this information may be construed as personal data.

When do we collect information about you?

When you sign up with us to make a purchase from us, you are asked to provide us with information about yourself. Swegmark collects and processes such personal data for the following purposes:
a) to fulfil your order and our contractual obligations to you. As a customer of Swegmark, you may receive e-mail concerning your order, your payment or other communication initiated by you, and also information, newsletters or offers relating to our relationship with you. You will not receive e-mail from third parties or concerning goods or services that are not directly related to our organisation.
To unsubscribe, simply click the link inside the e-mail from Swegmark. You can do so without first having to sign in to your account or the like.
b) for the purpose of marketing by e-mail, text message and other digital channels based on your previous purchases or use of Swegmark’s digital channels. Specific consent to marketing.
c) for the purpose of fulfilling purchases on any of Swegmark’s digital channels
Under the EU GDPR, you have the right to access your personal data held by Swegmark of Sweden AB.

Under the EU GDPR, you have the right to access your personal data held by Swegmark of Sweden AB.
Applications for access must be submitted in writing to Swegmark of Sweden AB, Box 281, SE-501 13 Borås, Sweden.
If the data we hold on you are incorrect, you have the right to have them rectified.
Klarna, Swegmark’s payment services provider, will collect personal data on you for payment purposes. Klarna is consequently the official Data Controller of such personal data under Klarna’s terms and conditions (details here).

Who has access to the information?

You give your express consent for Swegmark to transfer and disclose information provided to Swegmark, together with rights accorded to Swegmark pursuant to the above, to its associates, Personal Data Processors, service providers and to companies within the same group as Swegmark.

Vem har tillgång till informationen?

Du ger uttryckligen ditt tillstånd till att Swegmark överför och överlåter information som lämnats till Swegmark, samt rättigheter som Swegmark åtnjuter enligt ovan, till sina samarbetspartners, personuppgiftsbiträden, tjänsteleverantörer samt till bolag inom samma koncern som Swegmark.