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Material guide

As quality and comfort means everything to us at Swegmark we are well aware of what kind of materials we use and their functions. They should be comfortable to wear, last for a long time and preferably be locally produced for minimum impact on the environment. Read our material guide and find out how materials affect the experience and the durability.



Comes from the cotton plant. Is wash resistant and has great durability. Cotton is a common material in our clothes as it’s comfortable to wear close to the skin.

Fairtrade cotton is mainly produced within small-scale farming. The labelling is an independent guarantee making sure the producers are fairly paid for their cotton and are certified according to international Fairtrade criteria.

Organic cotton is grown according to the principles and regulations for organic farming. The producers are not allowed to use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms (GMO). Here you will find these products:



Is an elasticated fibre combined with other materials to create a comfortable and flexible fabric. As it is flexible it’s often used in fabrics for underwear and swimwear.

Lycra Beauty is specially produced to meet the demands and functions you find in for example underwear.



This is the most common synthetic fibre. The polyester fibre is also dimensionally stable which means the garment will keep its shape. Polyester fibres are moisture-wicking moving the moisture to the surface where it evaporates. The material keeps its softness and comfort during sports activities or when worn during a longer period of time.

We are using, among others, Coolmax® polyester for greatest function and comfort in sports bras.


Is a strong, elasticated and crease-resistant synthetic fibre. It’s quick drying and moisture resistant. It’s durable and gives the garment a long life.