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Swegmark has been thinking of you since 1937...

And we will continue to do so. Because ever since Harry Swegmark founded what is today Swegmark of Sweden our goal has been to produce a bra with a perfect fit especially for you. We are proud of our knowledge and particularly of our handicraft that doesn’t always show on the outside but definitely makes a difference on the inside. This makes us continually want to develop, improve and create new styles. Our designer’s ideas begin at the drawing table, followed up by our experienced pattern designers and sample makers, all working together in Borås, Sweden, where we also have our office and central warehouse that daily sends products all over Europe.The absolute best fit and feeling of comfort play a central role. We therefore design several different styles of underwear with focus on high quality affordable bras. That they provide great support, have different functions and are fashionable is a matter of course. All this in combination with fabrics that feel comfortable to wear close to the skin and are made with consideration for environment and ethics. This is very important to us – just like you are.

Swegmark of Sweden AB forms part of a family-owned business together with Abecita. Production is handled by the Latvian bra manufacturer Sia New Rosme..


Harry Swegmark founds the company H. Swegmark Fabriks AB.

The 40s

Production of corsets begins.

The 50s

Corset production with the brand name “Splendid” begins. The “Criss-Cross” girdle with two permanently welded seams crossed over the stomach becomes a huge success. Harry Swegmark’s sons, Bengt and Gösta, join the company. Civil engineer Gösta and Bengt, who has a background in design, launch their first Swegmark collection.

The 60s

The textile industry gains access to new materials such as elastic and Fibre K (later called Lycra). Swegmark designs the first pantygirdle. A bra with elastic straps is launched for the first time and new factories are opened in Töreboda and Herrljunga in Sweden.

The 70s

A new factory is built in England. Swegmark’s first moulded bra is launched and the production of swimwear begins.

The 80s

Swegmark acquires the prestigious brand Corsettindustrin Abecita. Start of functional sportswear production.

The 90s

Swegmark restructures to focus on ladies’ underwear, and primarily on non-underwired bras in larger sizes. The group acquires underwear company Sia New Rosme, based in Riga, Latvia. Swegmark becomes the first company in Europe to be environmentally certified in accordance to ISO 14001 and quality certified ISO 9001. The third generation, represented by Ebba and Maria Swegmark, joins the Board of Directors.


Swegmarkis licensed for Fairtrade production and Oeko-Tex certified. The production is concentrated to Latvia to secure short lead times.


Sports bras are launched under the brand name SWEMARK.


We bocome Underwear Sweden AB

Abecita - Scandinavian design over the years

1932 Joel Åkerlund started AB Corsettindustry. The company manufactured, among other things, garters, corsets, and bustiers. The brand Cid was used, which then turned into Abc Corsette and later on to become abecita in 1954. The little wonder was first sewn by two socks in crepenylon by designer Nina Wahlgren. The little wonder bra was a great success for the company. In 1981 Abecita was purchased by Swegmarks. They were very profitable and had a large share of volume customers selling at a good prices. Abecita had 700 retailers and was a more exclusive alternative to Swegmark.

”Here at abecita, it's obvious to let women's different needs control our product line.”

How we do it

Making underwear is a solid and unique craft, we do not compromise when it comes to function and quality. The long tradition and experience has given Abecita its expert knowledge, which we then combine with innovative Scandinavian design. Abecita's vision is to be the leading supplier of swimwear and underwear.

”With beautiful fit and function, Abecita helps women to become more beautiful than ever”


For Abecita sustainability is of great importance throughout the process, it begins in our design. By making conscious choices already in the design process we can ensure sustainability. We are oeko-tex certified. This means that most of our product line is free of chemicals.

Who we are

We work according to the basic principle that everyone is respected, it helps to create an open and down-to-earth corporate culture. When it comes to our products, we work towards our keywords that are, Function, Comfortable and Feminine.

”Abecita is the leading Scandinavian expert for feminine swimwear and underwear with a sustainable perspective.”

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