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Social sustainability

Obviously with a fair set of values

Social sustainability is not so easy to define. In society it is about people's well-being and that their rights are respected. It's the same for us.

To us it is important that both the people who are selling our underwear and those who wear them will be doing so with a clear conscience. They should feel confident that the products have been made in good circumstances. It's simply about taking on responsibility for people's terms. That's why we strive for good ethical values both internally and externally so that everybody along the production chain will have good ethical conditions.

By our strategic choice of having our own production in Latvia, main office and central warehouse in Borås, Sweden, as well as exclusive co-operation with carefully chosen suppliers in Europe, we feel safe with all working conditions.

As part of our social sustainability work we use Fairtrade certified cotton in most of our cotton garments. When you buy Fairtrade certified cotton the producers of the cotton will get a chance to improve their economy and working terms. Some of the profit the growers invest in projects for social, economic and environmental development.

Swegmark has also over several years supported Garissa in east Kenya. Garissa is a fund-raising foundation created by the Borås couple Monica and Carl-Axel Ekman. She is a dentist and he a surgeon. In the village Garissa the foundation runs a home for girls and also schools where vulnerable girls can have a safe sanctuary and an education in order to create a future where they control their own lives. For Swegmark, with a brand and products for women, it's with great pleasure and gratitude we have followed and are still following Garissa's fantastic work.  

Like we started: social sustainability is all about people's well-being and that their rights are insured. In that respect Garissa is a role model.