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The right size for a comfortable day

To have a comfortable all-day-long experience it’s important you wear a bra in the right size. That can sometimes be difficult. Feel free to use our guide to see how everything is supposed to fit. It pays off to spend time finding the right bra. Do you get aching shoulders from your bra? Or is it chafing and feeling uncomfortable? See our problem solver, maybe there is a simple trick to adjust your bra to a perfect fit. You should be able to wear a bra all day without discomfort.


This is what to do: Put on a bra (preferably smooth) that fits well without pressing the breasts together. With a flexible tape measure, take the size around, and then under the bust. Difference in centimeters between bottom and top of the bust determines the cup size..

Measurment in centimeters (68-112):
around the body under the bust

If the difference more than 1-2 cm more or less, then select the closest size..

Your bra size is:



Did you know that some studies show that 70 percent of all women use a bra in the wrong size. A bad fit is the reason many women have back pain and headaches. A bra with a great fit is one you want to wear all the time.


Lean forward when you put your bra on. With the right bra size your breasts will fill the whole cups. After this you adjust the shoulder straps. They should not cut into the shoulders or be so loose that they come down. The easiest way of checking the adjustment is to slide one of the straps over the shoulder. If the other strap is gliding down as well, you need to adjust them further. The back band should sit straight and not be pulled upwards. If a bump is created your bra size is too small.


It’s not unusual to change bra size. Always try the bra on before you buy one. To find your size you need two measurements: the circumference around and under the bust. The difference in centimetres between the measurement under the bust and the measurement around the bust’s fullest part, decides the cup size.

Fill in our size guide on the left to calculate your size.


Give your breasts good support with a well-fitting bra and they will keep their elasticity and shape. A bra should be firm underneath the bust making the bra’s lower edge support and lift the bust – not the shoulder straps. It should be difficult to put a finger between the bra band and the skin.

To find your right bra size you need to measure the circumference under and on the bust. When you measure under the bust, the measuring tape should not be loose but close to the body, and keep it rather tight. Measure the circumference at the bust’s fullest part by letting the measuring tape run close but not too tight. It’s the measurement under the bust that decides the bra size and the measurement around the bust’s fullest part that decides the cup size.

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