Economic Sustainability | Swegmark of Sweden


Exceeding the customer's expectations

To us it's very simple: if you design and produce clothes that survive the wear and tear of the eyes and of time you contribute to economic and ecologic sustainability. The throwaway society is not for us.

Since Harry Swegmark founded the company in 1937 the quality in design, production and the carefully selected materials have been an important driving force for us. We have understood the importance of having customers return to us, not because their undergarments are worn out, but because they need more underwear or have told friends about our comfort and good quality.

It was therefore completely natural for us to quality certify our work from an early start. Swegmark of Sweden as the first bra manufacturer in Europe received already in 1996 its ISO 9001 certificate. Today we are certified according to the standard revision 2015. To us this means we work for validity in the internal work, in relation to customers, delivered products and services. For our customers this means we are dedicated to systematically improving our quality and exceeding expectations.  

We can also see that our strategical decision to own our factory in Latvia and only use European suppliers, gives us control over the economy which promotes long-term economic sustainability.

In 2012 we created a quality policy to ensure the quality of products as well as co-operations. This policy is regularly revised and updated regarding any internal or external changes.

Quality policy

Swegmark of Sweden shall in all respects be a quality company. This means:

  • that quality work has the management's highest priority
  • that we will surpass our customers' expectations regarding the quality of our products and the service we are offering
  • that we continually strive to improve our processes and our service to the customers
  • that we have active quality work
  • that with internal customer/supplier thinking we will have a smooth and fast working organisation
  • that to our internal and external customers we will be a reliable and professional partner
  • that by a wide margin we meet laws and regulations